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Armor Venue: Black Ice Helmet Head Armour Silver

CAD $175.55

If you cant take your eyes off this Black Ice Helmet, you are experiencing a perfectly normal reaction. Everything about this piece is dynamic! In fact, it is the official helmet of Conquest, Europes largest LARP gathering. Medieval meets fantasy in this unique piece that offers a shiny silver upper and blackened steel lower. It is super comfortable to wear, as it simply slides over your head. There is no movable visor to fuss with either. Our Black Ice Helmet has thoughtfully been lined and padded on the inside to ensure a snug fit. This keeps it from sliding around, which can be quite bothersome. Pair this up plain or blackened steel armor for the complete look. Order medium or large. Please note that unless the item is damaged of defective, returns will not be accepted. Medium _ Fits 23`` to 26`` circumference Large _ Fits 24`` to 28`` circumference

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